Call around the world at the lowest prices from your mobile.

BulkTopUp saves you time and money and safely does the work that used to take hours.

  • Specifically designed for carriers
  • Wholesale prices
  • Does thousands in minutes
  • Globally interconnected to over 300 carriers
  • Minimizes downtime greatly
  • Large variety of top up amounts, open range for some networks
Do just one

The BulkTopUp platform mechanism also lets you easily just type in one number so it is even easier to work with just one platform for all of your top up needs. Go now to get started and start using the only platform you will ever need to manage your gateway SIM cards again!

Solve Problem

Carriers may carry higher balances that needed to risk not running out of balance. Recharging SIM cards can be very time consuming.

The problem so many carriers have is depending on the country and SIM provider operators have to go to distributors or directly to a service location and do SIM cards one by one. With BulkTopUp those days are over.

BULK TOP UP is the only service in the world specifically geared to help Carriers recharge their SIM cards in bulk with one easy fast transaction that only takes minutes. The BULK TOP UP platform is designed to recharge virtually any amount of SIM numbers, and completes the top up process in seconds. Easily maintain the balance of your choosing with BULK TOP UP.

Increase Network Performance
Topping up SIM cards is always business critical. When carriers lose cards with large balances they lose large amounts and have to replace with new cards. BULK TOP UP let’s operators easily maintain a balance of their choice, then easily and conveniently recharge the balance.

How it works
BULK TOP UP lets you easily upload a file with two simple columns - number and amount in local currency. Once the file is loaded and verified, the system charges the cards within seconds. The charge only applies to valid numbers. Our globally deployed platform is interconnected to over 300 carriers around the world. It has never been easier to recharge the SIM cards in your gateway.